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6/4/2021 at Attica Raceway Park - Attica, OH

410 Sprints - Winged: AFCS - Attica/Fremont Championship Series

Harli White

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1711th
Heat 211st
Qualifying 1Time: 13.108168th

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature 1

30 laps | 00:00:00
12Byron ReedMonclova, OH5
21Cole MacedoLemoore, CA18
36Craig MintzGibsonburg, OH09
48Stuart BrubakerFremont, OH35
510Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
64Kyle CapodiceHuron, OH12
75Trey JacobsShreve, OH70
89Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
911John IvyFremont, OH27S
1012D.J. FoosFremont, OH16
117Harli WhiteLindsay, OK11N
1214Zeth SaboFremont, OH29
133Chris AndrewsHuron, OH23
1413Landon LalondeSouth Amherst, OH2L

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:00:00
11Chris AndrewsHuron, OH23
22Byron ReedMonclova, OH5
34Craig MintzGibsonburg, OH09
43Cole MacedoLemoore, CA18
56Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
67John IvyFremont, OH27S
75Landon LalondeSouth Amherst, OH2L
88Zeth SaboFremont, OH29

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:00:00
11Harli WhiteLindsay, OK11N
22Trey JacobsShreve, OH70
34Stuart BrubakerFremont, OH35
46Kyle CapodiceHuron, OH12
57Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
65D.J. FoosFremont, OH16
73Thomas SchinderleBerkley, MI41
88Nate DusselBradner, OH1

Qualifying 1

110Craig MintzGibsonburg, OH0912.835
29Cole MacedoLemoore, CA1812.860
32Stuart BrubakerFremont, OH3512.918
413Byron ReedMonclova, OH512.950
515Thomas SchinderleBerkley, MI4112.965
61Chris AndrewsHuron, OH2312.978
77Trey JacobsShreve, OH7013.054
816Harli WhiteLindsay, OK11N13.108
98Landon LalondeSouth Amherst, OH2L13.146
105D.J. FoosFremont, OH1613.175
1111Ricky PetersonRawson, OH213.181
126John IvyFremont, OH27S13.188
133Kyle CapodiceHuron, OH1213.507
1414Zeth SaboFremont, OH2913.693
1512Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T59.999
164Nate DusselBradner, OH159.999


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