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Race Stats

  • Races35
  • Wins3
  • Top 54
  • Top 1013



ASCS National Tour

1 Win
14 Top 5's
22 Top 10's

46 Races

*7th in ASCS National Points Standings
*2nd female ever to make the 360 Knoxville Nationals A-Main
*2nd female ever to win a heat race at 410 Knoxville Nationals
*ASCS Red River, Mid South Region Feature Win
*Travelled to Perth, Western Australia to race 410 Sprint Car


ASCS National Tour

4 Top 5's
12 Top 10's
56 Races

*Finished 12th in ASCS National Points Standings
*Travelled to Perth, Western Australia to race 12 races in 410 Sprint Car


ASCS National Tour

5 Top 5's
9 Top 10's

*Highest Finishing Female in Chili Bowl History
*9th in ASCS National Points Standings


ASCS 360

1 Top 5
4 Top 10's

*Travelled to Sydney, Australia to Race 12 races in 410 Sprint Car!


Travelled Racing 360

4 Top 5's
5 Top 10's


Stepped Up to 360 Class

8 Top 5's
7 Top 10's


OCRS Points Chase

OCRS Two Barrel Sprint Car
7 OCRS Wins
1 Win
19 Top 5's
24 Top 10's

Points Standings:
2013 OCRS Champion
2013 OCRS Non Wing Champion
OCRS Motor Builder(Boyds Racing Engines) and Chassis(MAXIM)points

We Also ran some 305 and ASCS shows in between OCRS races.
We had some Top 5's and Tops 10's in both the 305 and ASCS.


Ran a few races in the Micro and Two Barrel Sprint

Aclass Micro
2 Wins

Multi Micro
Won the Ryan Craighead Memorial

Sprint Car- 8 Races, Ranked 14th in OCRS Points

Many Top 5's and Top 10's


Traveled this year

Non Wing Micro
1 ASCS2 Win
9 Top 5's
11 Top 10's

Aclass Micro
2 Wins
4 Tops 5's
4 Top 10's

Multi Micro
4 ASCS2 Wins
5 Top 5's
10 Tops 10's

Point Standings:

Non Wing- ASCS2 Points- 3rd
Multi- ASCS2 Points- 3rd


Lots of seat time

Aclass Micro
4 Wins
19 Top 5's
22 Top 10's

Non Wing Micro
3 Wins
5 Top 5's
8 Top 10's

Multi Micro
2 Wins
2 Top 5's
2 Top 10's

Points Standings:
Multi- I44 Speedway- 4th
Non Wing- Dutton Speedway- 8th


Charlies Trucking
PXP Racewear
Shriners Hospital for Children
The Mower Shop
Life of Hope
Dustin’s Dream
Choice Builders
Brown  Miller Racing Solutions
Peak Energy
FK Rod Ends
DRC Foundation
Mach 1 Chassis
Champion Brands Oil